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My post, Reavers, at my agent's blog. Yes, MY post. You want to look good in front of your agent. You really, really do. So please comment. Make me proud! Link:
Also there are pics of Robin Goodfellow, the Auphe, and Delilah if you've missed them from the videos or free computer wallpapers...although I don't know how you could have. I spread that word far and wide.

I love my Reavers. Reavers, love me back and comment the HELL out of this post. Make me PROUD!
We need a bigger boat

More Cal & crew and, believe it or not, Trickster too!

Cal and the gang have been contracted for two more books, Cal 8 and 9 (I'm currently writing Cal 7). That means Cal 7 March 2012, Cal 8 March 2013, Cal 9 March 2014 (damn, that seems like a long ass time. Of course, this is assuming the Mayans weren't right...sooner or later *some* conspiracy has to be right. Come on! Y2K was so disappointing.)  

And, to continue, *one* more Trickster Novel has been contracted (which means if you haven't been buying them...better bust your butt and scoop them up. Don't blow their last chance), but before the Trixa and Leo lovers, the Zeke fan club--he has one all to himself as he's such an entertaining sociopath, and the Zeke/ Griffin fans get too excited just patient. It won't be out until 2013. I can only write three books a year (actually *have* to write three books a year--a book every four months, people--to survive as a full time writer with questionable healthcare insurance) and I still have my main stream thriller to finish in between all this. So...go on! Let's rock on with our bad selves! More monster and demon/angel ass kicking for a few years to come! 

Celebrate...good times, come on! Celebrate!

BLACKOUT #19 on NYT Bestseller!

You guys did it! Rob's Reavers did it! We broke the top 20! Now I can say Cal is a NYT Bestseller *anywhere* not just certain places. I owe so much to you guys. No one...*no one* has better fans in the frigging universe! It took 3 years, but WE DID IT! And in 18 more years we'll claw our way to #1! <grin>

Don't forget to check your email to see if you've won a prize in the Blackout contest!



BLACKOUT contest is over! I will pick the winners one at a time as they can have their first choice. I'd hate for someone to get something they didn't want (prizes vary wildly). So check your emails and respond as quickly as possible and we can get all these puppies sent to the winners! 

And thanks for all the support. Rob's Reavers--best fans in the world. 


Free WALLPAPER is finally here. Hit the extras on my Cal widget on to download FIVE free wallpapers (scary as hell & smoking hot.) 2 Cal ones, a Niko one, an Ish/Goodfellow/Promise/Delilah one, and one of all the monsters. This graphic artist is a *genius*, the kind that you throw virgins into volcanoes to worship her brilliance.

******And, remember, the more you share the widget, the more you spread the word of Cal.

PS Goodfellow, Niko, and Cal are so goddamn hot it should be illegal.
PPS For the het guys, Promise and Delilah aren't looking too damn shabby either. 


Today's the day, REAVERS! GO! And be sure to read the book with a fork beside you. It will greatly enhance the reading experience, I promise.

Also, go to my website and SHARE a CAL WIDGET (which is apparently like a tiny website...who knew?) And, hopefully, it's up...the CAL VIDEO (with Niko's abs...yes, ABS!) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  


REAVERS! I received boxes of BLACKOUT today which is *3 weeks* before scheduled release date. Please, please WAIT until 3/1 to buy if you can & enter for massive prizes. See:  Lists can't be made with releases this early.  I'm doing my best to keep Cal alive. Help me out, guys. 

Now I'm off to assume the fetal position and bawl like a fucking baby.


Yes, I am warning you ahead of time. I will be throwing a two week BLACKOUT contest starting FEBRUARY 16th. Why so early you say…as BLACKOUT’s official release date isn’t until March 1st? Well, official release dates and actual releae dates are like real life…they often aren’t what you think they’ll be. So BLACKOUT might appear in your store a week or two before March 1st and you’ll want to snatch it up (Cal in a gingham apron…who doesn’t want to snatch that?) But this is the thing…if you buy it before March 1st (the best time is March 1st – March 6th) it won’t count on the biggest rankings. Why do rankings count, you say? Because rankings are pretty much the only free promotion you get in publishing. If I can put NYT Bestseller on the front of my Cal books, that’s fantastic! But I can’t do that without your help. I’m been #26 and #35, and with some publishers that would get me the NYT stamp, but other publishers only count it if you’re in the top #20. So as I make 50 to 60 cents a book, I like free promo. NEED free promo. So if you swear to not buy until 3/1 – 3/6 and enter a comment saying ‘I’m a loyal reaver and I’m a’waiting!’ you’ll be entered to win: SEVEN books (if you win one, you choose which one you want…except Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, it’s still in trade and I can’t afford to buy them as prizes), a poster from Dragon*Con (it has every bookcover and manga…see below for pic…it is STUNNINGLY KICK ASS), a print  of TRICK OF THE LIGHT, a print of MADHOUSE, and, donated by superfan Ariel (who won them in a costume contest at a SUPERNATURAL convention dressed as the Trickster/Gabriel) four SPN shot glasses, *AND* DEAN’S NECKLACE (we knew Sammy fished it out of the garbage. No way that didn’t happen.) So sign up (now or on the 16th…like a promise ring. I shall not boink Cal until the official marriage date of March 1st) , slap your naughty hands when they reach for BLACKOUT before March 1st, and thanks so much for all the support. You are my guys, my fans, my reavers, and I wouldn’t be anywhere without the damn lot of you. You are AMAZING–and you and I working together, we can keep Cal around. Right? Now for the pics of the Con poster (you’ve seen Trick of the Light and Madhouse by now I hope)…the pics of the SPN shotglasses and Dean’s necklace didn’t turn out well.  Also the week of release, check the website…there will be a CAL VIDEO! No shit! Run, don’t walk!

And to leave your comment (I need them all in one place) and see the poster, go to: