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Tweets from @Rob_Thurman (probably of a useless and irrelevant nature. Beware.)

00:12 read Nightlife 1 day & you'll end up in the sub sub basement of my subconscious @mark_henry Each time you tweet Rob, I break you down more #

00:14 & like those who gaze upon the Elder Gods, you'll promptly go insane. :> Cheers @mark_henry Each time you tweet Rob, I break you down more. #

00:15 Tho' it *would* be interesting to see what you had to say about the inner me-while you weren't sobbing @mark_henry #analyzingyourdysfunction #

00:19 & I have many Canadian fans. so...massive petition to your publishers (massive, otherwise they'll blow their nose on it @WickedLPixie #

00:21 is that what you call the brown streaks in your underwear? Scoff marks? @mark_henry I scoff at your challenge #

00:40 ONLINE SALES DO NOT HELP MY RANKINGS.Buy at a REAL WORLD STORE.Yes, RT'd this a 1000 times yet no one sees to get it.NO ONLINE. RT plz again #

00:45 Mifi?Peek in jammies.No.Not magical.Dusty from disuse maybe. @mark_henry @HeatherOsborn OMG.Crissy's mifi is like a little slice of magic! #

00:51 I could stop ur heart & melt your brain w/ the inner me & have time for coffee, Scoff-Mark @mark_henry It's like you don't know me at all. #

01:12 So have I in nursing MH rotation/ state hosp double lock up ward w/the murderers & rapists.No, I'm an entirely different animal @mark_henry #

01:49 Aww, a misdemeanor just for me @loganpedersen Huge ad 4 Roadkill at Michigan State University.From Ariel & Logan #

01:54 Now get 2 wigs & dress as Cal and Delilah perched on top of the rock unless it's 2 high & you kill yourselves. Don't do that @LoganPedersen #

01:57 When you're 5'1" 116 lbs & have 2 do a bodycavity search of a rapist-murderer we'll chat @mark_henry beginning 2 think we're the same person #

02:04 Ever watch a naked patient give himself head?Bending only his neck @mark_henry Ever carry a nakedmasturbatingarsonist out of a burning room #

02:05 Finally. GOOOOOOD NIGHT> PRAY HARD to anyone. I don't care who. Sell your soul. Sell your dog's soul. sell @mark_henry's soul if he has one #

08:36 ROADKILL DAY (4 the reading comprehension challenged, this doesn't mean scrape up roadkill from hwy) BUY BOOK. THIS WEEK. GOOOOOO #

08:38 Tom-boy w/ a fixation w/elves, banjos & Deliverance @Rob_Thurman ROADKILL @TomSniegoski WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD &Highly rec both authors #

08:40 Thanks, mighty chickwriter!!! @chickwriter @Rob_Thurman ROADKILL. & @TomSniegoski WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD Highly rec both authors! #fb #

08:41 I love Zombie Joe w/all my heart. Of course, he's a zombie & I'll have to put him down, but I love him @Zombie_Joe buy Roadkill. ;) #

08:43 Once saw a surgeon do an open heart on a 93 y/o.Tell me that wasn't about $ @dianarowland dearth of family medicine b/c MDs can make more $ #

08:46 & probably owes massive med school bills to boot @dianarowland My sis is a pediatrician-she's NOT rich, takes tricare #

08:48 Hallelujah! When you wake up pimp me like a 60 y/o $5 Bangkok whore @dianapfrancis Crimson Wind is done and emailed to my editor. Whew #

08:51 You know, I worked both sides & I saw egregious things on both sides. System is broken @dianarowland Not anymore--been in practice some time #

08:53 A&E made a bio about her boobs!! would she lie?? @lastwordy Don't forget to get your copy of ROADKILL by @Rob_Thurman this week!! #

08:56 purchase it now &they will order it(Waldenbookswilldeliveritfree2urhouse)But u have 2 PAY now or doesn't count @ashlihodge hope not sold out #

08:58 also saw docs charging $1000 for a med that actually cost $100. Called their office. No, no mistake. @dianarowland #

09:56 Yes, did it yesterday, but still COOLEST thing ever. A campus 'billboard' for me! check out the pic: #

09:59 Does anyone know if ebooks bought in B&N or whatever (NOT ONLINE) count towards NYT? or any other ranking? #

10:26 release days aren't really happy.More like being in labor & not knowing if it's a boy, a girl, or a flesh eating alien @sewingpunzie l #

10:30 much better than my Steam-driven Pistons of Passion @mark_henry clockwork heart@RomanceRoyale: good title 4 YA antho about steampunk looove #

10:35 Jon Stewart telling us why Jim Bunning is the Devil. the man would object to world peace, puppies, & Jesus himself #

10:58 & Tom's new book made me believe in angels...& elves playing banjo @TomSniegoski ROADKILL by Rob_Thurman cured me of H1N1 -really it did! #

10:59 Tom, great writer, wonderful person, totally can't hold his liquor :> @TomSniegoski ROADKILL by Rob_Thurman cured me of H1N1 -really it did! #

11:39 Actually that's exactly how I remember that picture @mark_henry The humiliation begins today! Buy Rob's ROADKILL & WIN! #

11:51 Does that mean you're going to eat it then crap it out? @mark_henry I'm picking up Roadkill today. Have plans for a "visceral" photo op. #

11:56 Will I be humiliated for ROADKILL?HELL, yes.But I say, bring it, Mark! Transgendered disco tramp isn't going to cut it #

12:01 Am I white trash? Find out! @marjoriemliu @Rob_Thurman's ROADKILL is out today, a FANTASTIC book & guest blog: #

12:02 A picture of you in lacy panties reading it on a bed??? @mark_henry I'm picking up Roadkill today. Have plans for a "visceral" photo op. #

12:29 hey, @mark_henry I was googling for a war movie we all know and mistyped. I gift this title to you: Full Fetal Jacket #

12:39 during release week,at a real bookstore, not online @IrenePreston Exactly how should we buy new releases for maximum benefit to author #

12:40 but not before official release day. For some reason they come out on Tues. Always. Do not buy Mon @IrenePreston #

12:42 Five, six days of promo. Don't remember. 5 hours of sleep a night. No food because no time to eat it. Now flop on bed...ahhhhhh #

14:07 I tweeted x1000 on this. Non US sales don't count for NYT. No ch 1 unless buy 2, but ur good for mark! @AmyAnneS Look what I got today!!! #

14:11 Me! I'm releasing, dressing Alisha, fucking doing it all @emmapetersen I heard somone has a release day today. I wonder who it could be #

16:22 this is how psychotic I am: selling great! fuck, sold 2 soon, won't count. Or maybe just didn't order many #

16:31 Madness is the gift that's been given to me @Zombie_Joe @shilohwalker People are strange, when ur a stranger, faces look ugly, when ur alone #

16:32 no interspecies erotica talk here, ladies. for shame @alisharai @emmapetersen I wish I had a goat :(. They are soooo cute! #

16:47 Looks like I win the humiliating collage of me. That's convenient. I can sign then hang it. hee @mark_henry #

17:09 What fun is that? I was ripe for some prime humiliation dumped on me-by amateurs not pros like you :) @mark_henry People email or tweet #

17:29 if you buy them this week before Sunday, it's alllll good. Thanks!! @NicolePeeler but will buy your books for a lucky winner. Sound good? #

17:30 this is precisely why I was googling full metal jacket @Zombie_Joe Last couple of days rough. Now I really feel like punching something hard #

17:33 It's not the round, baby, it was the scene & you know what scene. @Zombie_Joe Full Metal Jackets are for wounding. Hollow points hit harder #

17:33 Do they? Or do they just mushroom and blow a massive hole in you? @Zombie_Joe Full Metal Jackets are for wounding. Hollow points hit harder #

17:35 That's 'Always a bottom, Ma'am ' Now lick my boot @antonstrout sigh... Always a bottom! #

17:42 This was four feet away in a bathroom into a jackass drill sargeant @Zombie_Joe Depends on what you are firing,distance & where you connect. #

17:45 Weird? No. Psychotic? Sure. @mark_henry @Rob_Thurman If y'all jumped in & started humilating her, too! Start w/ the weird way she tweets. #

19:33 Set your affairs straight,become good w/God or whoever,and it'll be fiiiiine. @antonstrout I fear when we meet.U know that.don't you,Ma'am? #

19:34 unfortunately you did it on Amazon-which doesn't count. NYT, no rankings count it. Which I've tweetedx1000.Thanks for trying tho @ceetastic #

19:36 One more time people:now..cough..FRAKKING LISTEN. I've said it 1000 times in the past 2 wks, ONLINE sales DON'T COUNT. Don't help me at all #

19:38 I'm a top, he's a bottom. That help? & he kisses his mistress's boot @wiredwizard Whose new book 2 read first: @Rob_Thurman or @antonstrout? #

19:42 cool. send it to my addy buddhalovingbadass hotmail I couldn't see the date tho'...big thumbs up from you was nice @ashesinherhair #

19:43 just not NYT & other rankings (um 4 of them), but rankings is what I need now @lastwordy #

19:45 Marcus Commodus, what fun is private??? @mark_henry LOL. You post everything so NOTHING is private convo @Zombie_Joe #

19:47 Great! sorry,I can see your date. Send to buddhalovingbadass hotmail where I'm collecting a list of fans who did their solemn duty @wyrdkat #

19:59 can't see date on receipt and send to buddhalovingbadass hotmail to be included in the list @ashesinherhair #

20:20 Fantastic. Smurf Queen! Send to buddhalovingbadass hotmail to be added to the list & thanks! @ThePinkEgoBox #

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