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02 June 2010 @ 12:03 am
Tweets from @Rob_Thurman (probably of a useless and irrelevant nature. Beware.)

09:44 For the Trick of the Light Zeke and Griffin fans. I posted a story, Talking Trash, (tiny bit o' fluff) about the boys: tinyurl.com/2bthjes #

09:45 And if you follow me on twitter, LJ, FB and don't know that today is CHIMERA release day, please see your doctor for early onset dementia #

10:15 RT @dianapfrancis: The Hollow Crown is out today! Love this book. Spread the word! #

12:51 Baby monitor purchased for senile dog in case I have to be outside in the yard for over five minutes and he falls down while I'm gone. #

13:17 I am not saying that 4 every pelican that dies in the wetlands a BP exec should be stood up against a wall & shot. I am *not* saying that #

13:34 Anyone have Jia gayles email addy at Knight? #

14:24 need a Godzilla ferret chimera icon. Ferret w/a gun. Whatta we got? #

14:57 *17* possible prizes, people. SEVENTEEN. GO! robgoodfella.livejournal.com/123468.html #

17:51 RT @LynnFlewelling: This from my wonderful Russian fan artist, Ovsanna...finally inspired me to write that "first... bit.ly/a0UTgS #

20:25 The spider basement now has turned up two dead lizards. Dead. What is killing *lizards*?? What giant spider?? It's creature feature here! #

21:00 Here is one helluva a superfan. This is her with 4 of the *5* Chimeras that she bought. She's a Rob's Reaver throu twitpic.com/1t5bb1 #

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01 June 2010 @ 09:18 am
This is the 'I BOUGHT CHIMERA FROM 6/1 - 6/7 to help Rob out on the NYT!'  (Godzilla the ferret from Chimera making his icon debut thanks to terioncalling.)

The NYT is the only job security I have, besides sales and as Trick of the Light sales weren't what I'd hoped.

Which leaves today, Chimera release day, making me more sick to my stomach than happy, fearing the same  sales slump will happen again. 'If it's not Cal, I'm not buying it' isn't going to cut it. If all I have is one series, such as Cal, well, average writers like me can't live on one series. That's simple economics.

So please consider keeping me and my work around and buy a Chimera this week...and one for a friend!

To enter the contest  (books, Cal T-shirts, Cal calendar, Cal bookmarks, Cal and Niko postcard, and a drawing from the talented artist eldanis of your favorite character or characters (nauuuughty), remark below: I bought! I snatched! I reaved! 

Thanks to all those who've supported me always no matter the endeavor. Chokes me up.

Now I shall listen to Abide with Thee as I sit on a frozen Leonardo DiCaprio and try to row him to shore. 
01 June 2010 @ 12:04 am
Tweets from @Rob_Thurman (probably of a useless and irrelevant nature. Beware.)

10:06 Finishing Z and G story and will post tomorrow as a checkered flag to start your CHIMERA engines #

10:17 RT @marjoriemliu: Ha! Every airport needs one! RT @barbaravey This sign at airport security cracks me up tweetphoto.com/24899653 #

15:53 Any psych majors or docs out there with a correct diagnosis for Zeke...he's not a sociopath. Quick! Quick! #

18:49 Zeke and Griffin bit o' fluff was finished a tad early. Warning: for Z and G fans only or you'll be lost: tinyurl.com/2bthjes #

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31 May 2010 @ 12:03 am
Tweets from @Rob_Thurman (probably of a useless and irrelevant nature. Beware.)

16:33 RT @marjoriemliu: Hey, Lynn Viehl is offering a HUGE giveaway over at her blog. Check it out... : tinyurl.com/28hhsgw #

16:36 This giveaway is so huge, that super-author Lynn Viehl will have to mail it to the person in a refrigerator box: tinyurl.com/28hhsgw #

16:39 The fact that her gorgeous Were-Lassie is standing by a copy of my book Chimera is pretty damn sweet, too. tinyurl.com/28hhsgw #

18:32 Need old school inspiration. Arnold/Ace Rimmer #RedDwarf Smoke me a kipper. I'll be back for breakfast. #

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Super-author Lynn Viehl (seriously, the woman writes in *five* different genres. I can barely name five different genres.) I cannot fathom how much she must write per day...she might write one series with one hand, another series with her other hand and yet two more with her toes, this is how prolific she is. 

And she is giving away to one person a MASSIVE summer reading extravaganza. You simply have to go to her blog and tell your favorite reading spot and you're entered. You would be covered for the summer. The winner wins this...all of this ( http://pbackwriter.blogspot.com/2010/05/dream-retreats.html ):

Unsigned hardcover copies of A Secret Affair by Mary Balogh, The Endless Forest by Sara Donati and Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris

--Unsigned trade paperback copies of The Book of Unholy Mischief by Elle Newmark and Broken by Shiloh Walker

--Unsigned paperback copies of Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs, The Hellhound King by Lori Devoti, Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione, The Fire King by Marjorie M. Liu, Scarlet by Jordan Summers, Chimera and Trick of the Light by Rob Thurman and Hard to Hold by Stephanie Tyler

--Signed paperback copies of Shadowlight and Dreamveil by yours truly

--Melissa Etheridge's new album on CD Fearless Love

--A cool blank journal to write in

--The Nature poet magnetic poetry kit to play with

As for me, don't forget...June 1st--CHIMERA. I'll probably post the Z and G story that day too as well and another post where you can say (from 6/1 through 6/7) 'I bought it!) and be entered for the now *five* Cal T-shirts (four of the comic gun toting all attitude ones and one with the Cal Nightlife print on it, 5 books (if you win a book, you can choose which one of mine you want...except the Japanese...I'm out), Cal calendar (it is niiiiiice--all the Cal and Trixa covers are included), Cal and Niko postcards, Cal bookmarks, and a drawing by talented fan artist eldanis of your favorite character or characters (nauuuuughty!)  Lots of prizes, so lots of chances to win!    

30 May 2010 @ 12:03 am
Tweets from @Rob_Thurman (probably of a useless and irrelevant nature. Beware.)

15:31 Dennis Hopper, one crazy motherfucker, RIP. #

16:37 Dude, respect. Inhale a little nitrous for the man @ChristophGolden "Heineken? F**k that! Pabst Blue Ribbon!" RIP Dennis Hopper. #

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29 May 2010 @ 12:05 am
Tweets from @Rob_Thurman (probably of a useless and irrelevant nature. Beware.)

11:14 RT @JohnPicacio: Best line of the week: "Steampunk happens when goths discover brown." -- @jessnevins (via @cmpriest). #

11:18 RT @liketheriver1: Have posted an expired Brotherhood 7 zine fic on my LJ. Going Dutch (SGA Gen) bit.ly/aHej7I Enjoy! #

13:21 Having a Dead Milkmen Bitchin' Camaro flashback #

19:36 RT @LucienneDiver: Vamped fans out there - ever wonder what Bobby sounds like? Lost excerpt from ReVamped : bit.ly/aui4Vx #

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28 May 2010 @ 12:07 am
Tweets from @Rob_Thurman (probably of a useless and irrelevant nature. Beware.)

08:41 RT @LisaShearin RT @neilhimself: Vaguely disappointed to learn that BP's "top kill procedure" will leave its entire executive strata alive #

08:43 RT @LisaShearin: On my blog: CONTEST & PRIZES for Rob Thurman's new book CHIMERA! 4 chances to win! www.lisashearin.com/blog/ #

10:58 Received German NIGHTLIFEs. Much longer books. German is definitely the language to angst in...and curse. wonder if they de-f*** it #

13:08 Who'd be interested in my writing a short Z/G story to post on my LJ to tide you over until Grimrose Path in Sept? #

13:24 Or maybe it should be a R/I. Hmmm. No, no...writing Goodfellow intimacy would require a team of twenty from Hustler to advise me #

15:17 Ahhhh, who is ready for a *Zeke* pov? NO-FUCKING-BODY! #

15:38 Ok, who wants a German Nightlife? 1 person.The cover is the same, so if you can't read German, really...not worth it.So, 1st responder--go! #

15:44 Can you read German? You are the first responder. This thing is as thick as a phonebook @apollymi I would love one, if no one else does! #

15:51 Winnah! Send your mailing address to buddhalovingbadass at the mail which is hot @apollymi Ja, ich spreche ein wenig Deutsch. #

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27 May 2010 @ 03:35 pm

To give you guys something to hold you over until the Trick of the Light sequel, The Grimrose Path, out in September, I'm going to write a little Z and G story and post it here on LJ. Very short. Just fluff, but fun. Who knows. If we generate more sales for Trixa, maybe someday I could afford to bring the series back. Maybe a little Z and G story will rev some engines. Hopefully I'll turn out a few pages in the next few days and post it in time to make you LOVE ME MORE AND BUY CHIMERA (people, if I could eat love, I swear I wouldn't promote the shit out of you. But while agape feeds the soul, it doesn't feed the stomach.)

So...who's ready for a Zeke pov?? NO-FUCKING-BODY! I'm taking no prisoners!

27 May 2010 @ 12:04 am
Tweets from @Rob_Thurman (probably of a useless and irrelevant nature. Beware.)

11:13 RT @LucienneDiver: I know the world is off at BEA, but 3 comments? Come on! Enter to win: varkat.livejournal.com/160716.html #

14:48 RT @Gwenda @JaneFriedman From BEA: 7% of books published generate 87% of book sales. 93% of all published books sell < 1,000 copies ea. #

15:20 RT @shitmydadsays: "No. Humans will die out. We're weak. Dinosaurs survived on rotten flesh. You got diarrhea last week from a Wendy's." #

15:31 Iove the song 'little smirk' by theory of a Deadman although concerned about what happened to the baby in the backseat #

16:46 Kindle-heads, Amazon and Penguin have come to an agreement, so CHIMERA should be available on Kindle in the next few days. June 1st release! #

16:56 I woke up today with an inexplicable sense of gloom & doom. There has to be a an extremely long & difficult to pronounce German word 4 that. #

16:58 I also sneezed and peed a little on myself. If there's a long German word for that, I don't particularly want to know it. #

17:21 The German 'word' for sneeze-pee from genius: @AGHardy I believe it is Gesundhzplish. #

17:34 Copyright one! You'll be rich! @janebejane I've honestly never ever encountered that word anywhere before in my (German) life #

18:34 BP's Top Kill is not especially reassuring as the labeling on the machinery looks as if it was done by a 3 y/o with a crayon. Christ. #

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