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Far Side of Lazy

Thurmanuclear Writer, Werewolf Superhero, Mortal Enemy of Man....

27 October
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Because Latin seems de rigeur on LJ: Nemo inquisitionem Hispanem expectat.

I, in my very finite wisdom, said this regarding LJ on my website bio:
"Nope, I don't have a live journal. Friends are always nagging…why don't you have an LJ? When are you going to get an LJ? People, my life is not that enthralling. Today I wrote some, scratched my ass, and then ate a pizza. The delivery guy was late, but I tipped him anyway. Tune in tomorrow for more of the exciting saga. Now, don't you have better things to do with your life than read that?"

My agent, on the other hand, had different (and no doubt wiser) ideas on the subject, and here we are.

My first book, Nightlife was published March 2006 (although it was written a long time before that...rejected around the world twice. Well, HA! to all those who rejected it...and it's a lesson for the kiddies. Writing: talent counts, perseverance counts a helluva lot more.) The second in the series, Moonshine, hit the shelves March 2007. Madhouse Feb 2008, Deathwish March 2009, Roadkill March 2010 and Cal Leandros Novels 6 and 7 are on their way. Trick of the Light (The Trickster Novels) was released September 1st, 2009 and the sequel, The Grimrose Path will be out September 2010. The solo novel Chimera will be out June 2010.I also will have a story, Milk and Cookies, in an Anthology called Wolfsbane and Mistletoe. Despite the ten books in all that will eventually make their way to the shelves, I'm still starving. Please buy, do not borrow. I make less money than the drive thru person at McDonald's. Hell, I'd marry the drive thru person for their health insurance.

Personally, hmmm...ah, an important one. I am female...check my website bio. Quite a surprise to most, as was apparent at my first book signing. People looked to my right, left, behind, and eventually focused on a nearby loitering guy who was there delivering coffee to the bookstore (and never mind the distinctive you-know-who logo on his shirt.) Rob. Female. I am woman, hear me...ah, hell, just get me a coffee with caramel and whipped cream.

*far side of crazy, mortal enemy of man, psychopathic poet are from Wall Of Voodoo's song, Far Side of Crazy